Here at Tribe we want to make a difference in the world.  As much as we hate to say it, it’s really difficult to make a change without some money.  As a community we encourage our people to ‘live simply, give generously and serve freely’, and we want to embody those ideals in the way we approach money.  We want to have as little overheads as we possibly can and to ensure that money we do receive is being spent effectively on serving those outside of our community.  We also want to be really transparent. You won’t hear us talking about money very often, but if you’re a regular giver you are invited to sign up for our quarterly financial updates.  We think that donating not only helps those we want to serve, but it also helps the one giving by liberating us from the love of money and directing our focus to those in need.  Giving financially to Tribe is just one of many ways that we can contribute to the cause of seeing peace on earth through the way of enemy love as articulated by Jesus.

If you do give to Tribe, please clearly indicate what the money is for and thanks for being so generous!

Westpac, Fountain Gate
BSB: 033341
Account #: 449413