Open House gathers on the afternoon of the first Sunday of each month at Belgrave Heights Christian School to share stories, be inspired and learn together another aspect of what it means to follow the way of Jesus.  We have a few notices, share a few stories and someone from our community starts a conversation that then continues online and into smaller communities during the week.  At 5pm we share a meal together where everyone contributes to the feast! We love having the kids around, so you don’t have to worry about them running around, making noise or dribbling on the carpet. We have a kids program during our ‘conversation starter’ plus the dinner is designed such that kids can join us in the fun!




5-Feb-2017 BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
5-Mar-2017 BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
2-Apr-2017 BHCS 4-6pm (Dinner provided)
7-May-2017 BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
4-Jun-2017 BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
2-Jul-2017 BHCS 4-6pm (Dinner provided)
6-Aug-2017 BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
10-Sep-2017* (2nd Sunday of the month) BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
1-Oct-2017 BHCS 3-5pm (Afternoon Tea provided)
12-Nov-2017* (2nd Sunday of the month) BHCS 4-6pm (Dinner provided)
4-Dec-2017 BHCS 4-6pm (Dinner provided)

*Dates changed due to clashes with Father’s day and Cup Weekend


Belgrave Heights Christian School, Wattle Valley Rd, Belgrave, Vic, 3160