Jesus and Empire

0 Posted by - May 25, 2015 - Talks, Teaching Summaries

Jesus & Empire BannerOur next series at Tribe is one called ‘Jesus and Empire’.  We’ve just finished our ‘rhythms’ series where we are starting to look at getting our lives in ‘rhythm’, and to do that well, we really need to reflect on the ways in which our culture and society encourage us to live. So, we’ll be exploring the way in which Jesus responded to the empire of his day and then teasing out how we might respond to the empire of our day. The series will be based on works by Reinhold Neibuhr and John Howard Yoder.

Week 1 – Resisting Empire | Jesus and Rome – 31st May, 2015

Week 2 – The Kingdom Coming (Yoder #1) – 7th June, 2015

Week 3 – The Ethics of Jesus (Niebuhr #1) – 14th June, 2015

Week 4 – The Disciple and the Church (Yoder #2) – 21st June, 2015

Week 5 – The Kingdom Not of This World (Niebuhr #2) – 19th July, 2015

Week 6 – State & Society (Yoder #3) + Series Wrap-Up – 26th July, 2015