Faith Community

Open House is committed to serving our local and global neighbours, whilst practicing on each other at the same time! There are  lots of little things to do to just keep our community going like: hosting and serving at our lunch gatherings, helping the kids to learn in OH Kids, hosting a house church, graphic design, video-editing, roster maintenance, starting conversations, and the list could go on and on. What we live to do, however, is find a life-giving way for each unique individual to serve – so get in touch if you’re interested!

Some of the ways that people in our community look to serve our local and global neighbours include:

Service Sundays

Look out for what is happening each school holidays in our Service Sundays. Often these will include: BBQs, backyard blitzes, freezer meal cook-ups, aged-care visits, and any other creative ideas people can think of!

Finglish to English

Every Sunday night a group head down to Doveton to each some of our Persian friends English. It is super conversational, so the more the merrier!

The Freezer

Open House has a ‘freezer’ that we aim to fill with frozen meals so that when anyone in our community or connected to our community is in need, we can instantly provide meals. You can cook up a meal at any time, bring it along to one of our gatherings, and we’ll make sure it gets delivered to people in need, when they need it.


Each semester we run a different kind of course within a school that we’re connected to. This semester is was a relationships course called ‘Date Nights’. Course coming up include: a parenting course, an exploration of Christianity course, and potentially a financial planning course.

Mainly Music

A couple of people from our community are starting up a Mainly Music group. This is a play group specificially designed to get pre-schoolers experimenting with music in a fun and interactive environment. If you’d like to join the Main Music team, please get in touch!

Global Neighbours

One of the things we love to encourage our Open House people to do is to get passionate about a cause that affects our global neighbours. Research it, find a way to serve, run something, connect people together and make a difference in our world. Why not try something today?

Local Neighbourhood

Another thing we live our Open Housers doing is creating rhythms where they can just be and participate in their neighbourhood. So many of us have lost the art of connecting locally, that just walking your dog regularly can be a subversive activity! So, why not explore and experiment with how you can connect with and serve your local neighbours?